Absentia Lunae

Absentia Lunae - Historia Nobis Assentietur

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Absentia Lunae
[CD] Coming after the immense display of transcended hate of In Umbrarum Imperii Gloria the third album of the Italian Warlike Black Metal squadron is a new campaign driven against the mere understanding of corporal death.
The massive killing capacity on the drums has been improved by the involvement in the line-up of ex-BELPHEGOR touring member drummer Blastphemer and the dark-ambient, drone and electro genius MZ, mastermind of LOCUS MORTIS, URNA & ARCANA COELESTIA. This bloody unity has created a remarkable album for everyone into unique and personal Extreme and Hateful Black Metal.
The result is a new opus of thundering monumentality were Extreme Avantgarde Black metal is forged in a new cruel form, tightly intended to crush the wall of time.
A new dimension will raise from the ashes, washed by blood and the powerful resurgence will be a new expanding gleam in the immanent void, the road back home once again discovered, an assumption through violent conquest and degradation of our modern mask.


Absentia Lunae - Vorwarts
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[Cd] Absentia Lunae have been always upfront in crushing the stagnant chaos of black metal to forge a new shape of music that capturing the essence of the... More

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